Blue Bomb Faircup

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A Fair cup usually plays an important role in gongfu tea (cha) ceremony which is called “Gong Bei” or “Gong Dao Bei” in Mandarin. It is used to share tea with all participants at the same serving generally during process of gongfu tea (cha) ceremony, where the tea is poured from a teapot into a fair up, then from there into several smaller teacups.

Made of unglazed white ceramic, the fair cup stands out straight away for its visual impact and aesthetical appearance significantly in comparison with regular ones. Its surface is glassy with pronounced crackles featuring several large blue rings which are created originally by an interplay white ash of wood and soda without any artificial painting. The fair cup is fired more than 30 hours and cools for 3 days in the kiln. 

The fair cup holds 180ml liquid approximately fitting with a normal size of  gaiwan and teapot. The interior has a transparent glaze with faint cracks resulted in the kiln. The concentric circles can be seen at the bottom manifesting the marks of throwing. The rim is thin enough to offer pleasure to hold and prevent the hand from heat. The deep and wide spout also flows the tea out smoothly without drips.

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