Dusky Pink Faircup

CODE: Dusky Pink Faircup | Available
Giá: Liên hệ

Those faircups are made by a creative and accomplished team called Bian(check here for more about Bian) in Jingdezhen. 

Those faircups are made of ceramic, giving them a refined appearance. Applied with iron black glaze on the outside, each faircup has dusky pink on the inside, providing a significant visual contrast and being aesthetically beautiful. The thin wall of the faircup makes it lightweight and metal-like texture. Despite the elaborate appearance, the ceramic is strong and practical in using without much worry of fragility.

Each faircup holds approximately 100ml of liquid. With the rim pinched out slightly,  each faircup offers pleasure to hold while sharing the tea into the small tasting cups. The spout expertly designed certainly allows for a fast and large pour.

Please note that all faircups are individually glazed, so the interior varies a bit from dark to light depending on the faircup selected at radome. If you are interested in other teaware in the same series like a gaiwan or cups, and please refer to the photos for more details.

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