Elmo 01 - Fountain Pen / Black

CODE: Elmo 01 Ballpoint | Available
5.400.000 VNĐ

Many of the innovations that made fountain pens essential tools of 1920s and 1930s life were the brainchild of Heinrich Helm. Technical Director at Italy’s first pen factory, ‘Elmo’ was industrious and ambitious. He left the company in 1928, but his vision for a comfortable, reliable pen made at reasonable cost saw his name becoming a mainstay of Italian schools and workplaces for decades to come.

Trim:Stainless Steel

Nib:Stainless Steel

Filling System:Converter, Cartridge


Included:Converter, 2 x Cartridges

Length:142 mm

Diameter:14.8 mm

Weight:26.60 gr

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