Embossed Face Woodfired Teacup

CODE: Embossed Face Woodfired Teacup | Available
Giá: Liên hệ

Feature: attached with a hand-carved half-face, metallic sheen 

Firing: wood firing for 3 days and nights 


Dimension:∅=6-6.5cm , H= 6-6.5cm

Artist: The line of teacups is handmade by a female artist Zhou in Dehua who has been dedicated to wood firing for a decade. But Zhou never stops embracing creation all the way. Besides making a change to everything related to the kiln as most woodfiring potters will do, she also spares no effort to think about the pottery itself including the clay, shape, design and so on. It is as a result of pretty much time spending in freeing herself from the rules that the unusual embossed series is considerably admired widely at the moment.

Note: Those teacups are not shaped symmetrically. Please make sure to take it into account before you place your order.

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