Handpainted Dragon Teapot

CODE: Handpainted Dragon Teapot | Available
Giá: Liên hệ

Feature: stunning with a scene depicting a dragon is swinging vigorously in the stormy sky which is handpainted in fine details, a contrasting appearance of brown and white resulted from kiln change of the glaze used 

Firing: wood firing for 3 days and nights 

Volume: 100ml 

Dimension:∅=6.5m, H=6.5cm

Note: the cracks inside may deepen with regular use. It is a normal situation that each cup develops its own charter and keeps food safe.

A woodfired painted piece is usually accomplished by two steps as follows:

(I)  A piece is made of unglazed or glazed clay then fired for a few days and nights straight under over 1300℃ using a lot of wood in the kiln before being painted as a normal piece is done.

(II) An artist will select a woodfired piece with a one-of-kind pattern or color resulted from firing which may come to him/her in a flash of inspiration. Then they will develop a scene, portrait or object on the piece depending on its appearance before a second firing to protect the painting from fading.

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