Small Woodfired Faircup

CODE: Small Woodfired Faircup | Available
Giá: Liên hệ

Those faircups are made by Hu Ke in Jingdezhen, an important pottery centre in China. Hu used to be a media worker in his early career. However, with a passion for nature and countryside life growing gradually, Hu made up his mind to quit the well-developed media work and put his root in Jingdezhen to devote himself to wood firing where he is able to feel the truth of nature and life.  

With being woodfired in the kiln for several days and nights, those fair cups turn brilliant and vitrified from the clean white clay. Those fair cups are textured with white and brown drips around the body, offering a significant visual and textural contrast. The inside is also stunning with a green pool at the bottom, adding another layer of interest to those fair cups.

Those fair cups hold roughly 100-120ml liquid. As their spouts are expertly pinched out, those fair cups certainly guarantee a smooth pour. With the rim pinched out slightly, each fair cup is good for holding. Due to the nature of woodfired pieces, both fair cups appear different. We advise referring to the photos and confirm your selection.

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